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About Zarko Academy


Zarko Academy was founded 20 years ago by Shihan Raanan Zarko. After many years of training with the best masters around the world Shihan Raanan has brought his own exclusive method to America. He has combined countless systems into one undeniably unique, effective and result producing system.  Many other Martial Arts schools over the years have tried to emulate Shihan Raanans system by trying to implement some of his ideas to make their own schools and systems more successful and effective in the fighting world. Zarko Academy has been the cornerstone and foundation for other schools by students who have trained under Shihan Raanan.  These students have grown to be great champions due to Shihan Raanan.  They now own their own martial art schools which are a complete replica and copy of Shihan Raanan's fighting system and Academy. However, Zarko Academy led by Shihan Raanan remains the best in its field second to none.

Over the years, Zarko Academy has contributed to the community they have been a part of for so many years. Some of those contributions have been financial and others have been improving the community lifestyle. We have given free self-defense classes to woman and children as well taught safety in schools and community centers. We have a great reputation and success with the surrounding communities.

Zarko Academy continues to be the original martial arts school of Mill Basin, Bergen beach, Georgetown, Old Mill Basin, Fillmore, and Marine Park areas. Though other martial arts schools have opened their doors to the public we have continued to be the one true constant martial arts school within these communities in Brooklyn.  We welcome any and all students ranging in all ages as well as special children with difficulties.

Zarko Academy of Brooklyn, New York was the original women’s kickboxing, kick aerobic, and body sculpting school in America during the times where the only aerobics offered to women and men were in gyms and in no connections with Martial Arts.  We would love to share all of what we have to offer with you and your family for the years to come.


Shihan Raanan Kickboxing


Adult Program

Our adult classes will get you in the best shape of your life, while learning practical techniques. Learn how to defend yourself and enjoy the confidence that comes with that knowledge. Your life will be transformed into an amazingly energized and fulfilling every day life.

Juniors Program

Our young warriors’ classes will get your growing young adults into the best shape of their lives in and out of the martial arts world, while learning to be good and respectful members of society.   Learning how to defend themselves while enjoying the confidence that comes with that knowledge will change their lives forever.

Little Dragons Program

Our Little Dragons Program is a direct continuation for the kids who have graduated from the Tiny Dragons Program and who have grown up to a more mature age of 5 - 8 years old.

Tiny Dragons Program

Two year olds can achieve amazing things in the martial arts world. That is why we take them at such a young age.

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