"After looking at my junior prom pictures, I knew that I would like to look a lot better for my senior prom. I came to Shihan Raanan at Zarko Academy and asked for his help. His motivation towards me has been an absolute inspiration. He changed my life. I owe it all to him."

"After being married and having a few children, I never thought it would ever be possible to regain my wedding day size. I have gained more weight that had wanted due to my pregnancy's. I tried many different things, but nothing helped. I came to seek help at Zarko Academy and Shihan Raanan. His words to me were do as I say without argument and I promise you next year at this time your life would be different. Look at me now." - Rina V.

"I went to every single Gym and trainer out there. I've tried all diets. Nothing helped. I was unable to loose those final 30 pounds and tone up. I heard about Shihan Raanan and Zarko Academy from friends. In less than a year he has helped me achieve what I was unable to anywhere else. Thank you Shihan Raanan". - Jennifer D.

"After my last pregnancy where I have gained more weight than I have ever did from my previous pregnancies, approaching 300lbs, I knew I had to lose all that weight after giving birth. I also knew that the only place and person that could help me was Zarko Academy and Shihan Raanan Zarko. He helped me lose the weight I never thought I could in a short 14 month I have gone down 155lbs and never looked better in my life."

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