" I started at Zarko Academy after I had my fourth son Anthony 20 years ago. Making the choice to train with Shiihan Raanan was one that has made me a stronger woman in all aspects. In turn, my son Anthony also became interested in Martial Arts after watching me at the classes. He was drawn and dedicated to challenge himself as I was and became a black belt, which made me so proud. Challenging myself physically and learning to defend myself has been a rewarding experience for me and for my son too. Thank you Shiihan Raanan for always seeing my potential and strength and pushing me to the max."

"When I decided to join Zarko Academy, I didn't realize I was making a choice that would change my mind, body, spirit, and life forever. I have struggled with weight my entire life - especially throughout my pregnancies where I would pack on 60,70, even 80 pounds!! Shihan Raanan trained me during and after all my pregnancies keeping me strong and getting me back in shape right after... I am 41 and had my 4th baby 1 year ago. Since then, training with Shihan has taken me from a size 18 to a size 6, from 215 pounds to 135, unbelievable goals that I never thought I'd reach, this is the skinniest I have EVER been! I could not imagine my life today without Zarko Academy. Ous and thank you Shihan!! It's no wonder I've been a student and member for 17 years!"

"Completely disgusted with losing my lifelong battle with obesity, struggling to lose weight through fad diets and gym memberships, I decided to join Zarko Academy. It was a year after my 3rd child was born and I weighed my heaviest at 220 lbs. I have since been able to lose 70 pounds and maintain my weight loss for 2.5 years. What makes Zarko Academy different and why have I been able to achieve such a dramatic weight loss transformation here when everything I had tried prior to this has failed? The answer is simple. At Zarko Academy, there is accountability with frequent weigh-ins and measurements; you are constantly challenged and encouraged to perform at your peak; you are surrounded by a community of women who are all working their hardest to achieve the same goals as you; there are a variety of workout routines so you never get bored; and classes are offered multiple times a day/6 days a week so there is really no good reason to miss a class. If you are looking to regain your health, confidence, and feel and look better, Zarko Academy is the place for you."

"After looking at my junior prom pictures, I knew that I would like to look a lot better for my senior prom. I came to Shihan Raanan at Zarko Academy and asked for his help. His motivation towards me has been an absolute inspiration. He changed my life. I owe it all to him."

"After being married and having a few children, I never thought it would ever be possible to regain my wedding day size. I have gained more weight that had wanted due to my pregnancy's. I tried many different things, but nothing helped. I came to seek help at Zarko Academy and Shihan Raanan. His words to me were do as I say without argument and I promise you next year at this time your life would be different. Look at me now." - Rina V.

"I went to every single Gym and trainer out there. I've tried all diets. Nothing helped. I was unable to loose those final 30 pounds and tone up. I heard about Shihan Raanan and Zarko Academy from friends. In less than a year he has helped me achieve what I was unable to anywhere else. Thank you Shihan Raanan". - Jennifer D.

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